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My most recent kitchen accessory.

I made a saya for my Sabatier brand kitchen knife. Theyre not the best knives, but they are a notch or two above the usual crap you can easily buy and for around £20 you can't really knock em. It's made of X50CrMov15, which as far as I can tell is proprietary to Sabatier and it seems like a godo enough steel. It's survived a while with me so it passes the 'shad cant be trusted with a spoon' test at least.

But it's not the sort of knife I can leave laying around because other people tend to cut themselves on sharp knives, not being used to them and all that. I quickly got to work, and selecting 4 pieces of yellow poplar, assembled two halves and cut out the grooves required to handle the flat grind blade of the knife. I cut the grooves out more than was required and lined them with suede. This will prevent scratching and also will accept mineral oil to keep the blade, which is admittedly rust resistant, oiled when not in use. The knife MUST be cleaned and dried before returning to the saya.

I added to the end of the saya the koiguchi which accepts the very first part of the bolster. I then shaped it and wrapped the whole thing in leather. This is quite possibly one of the  the shortest blog entries I've done in a while. But anyway, heres the finished thing.

No worries about housemates accidentally taking their fingers off whilst rummaging around in my knife drawer now. :)

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