Sunday 25 February 2018 at 00:57 Posted by Shadley Hax 0 Comments

This ones an interesting one. The blade is differentially hardened, folded steel but not cheaply folded like Damascus but very subtle and the geometry including the yokote is absolutely spot on, but the tsuka was too long for the clients needs and the wrap wasn't up to his standards. he also doesn't like the fittings. I agree, the fish menuki are massive for a wakizashi. so after my hiatus, it's off to work again.. hi ho, hi ho, etc etc ad nauseam.

Friday 16 February 2018 at 13:14 Posted by Shadley Hax 0 Comments

Hope you all enjoy. I find myself creating this post from hospital after a particular horrific bout of depression, seizure and a very recent diagnosis of Bipolar Affective Disorder.

Sounds as horrible as it is, but this is a positive thing. Now I can get medicated and back on my feet. I only wish this could of been noticed about 20 years ago. but nevermind, glass half full and all that.

So... on with the pretties...