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I recently wrote on a subject called nukitsuke, or in laymans terms, drawing and cutting with the sword in one smooth motion. It's difficult to get down properly and the only... THE only way to do it is to repeatedly draw, cut, resheath and repeat until you are utterly bored ;) But as soon as you get the idea it gets a lot easier and a lot more fun. Click the image and head on over to the Samurai University for the article and video.

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As part of my mini series on training dual wielding, here is a short video on two important subjects. The oft-misunderstood Suburi and of course the absolutely mandatory Te-no-uchi. Skip over to the Samurai University for the full article with more video.

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Since I started writing for the Samurai Workshop I feel I have been neglecting this blog which is a pity but the sort of things that I would be posting on here are ending up of TSW site instead. TSW has given me the motivation to write a lot more and also to involve a lot more video as well which has always been something that I haven't been entirely comfortable with. It seems that now I have a reason and also I have the trust of the people that I'm producing these articles for, I have almost overcome this.

 But without boring you for too much longer, this means that this page will probably only contain my personal updates for things like my cutting videos and my customisation/tsukamaki and so on. I'll do my best to provide snippets of the samurai workshop stuff as well along with the links to the full article. We'll see how it goes. Just know that I havent forgotten my page, I'm simply working a lot on other things.