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Here I am,s at in hospital for a lung infection that looks bad and Im blogging about this kwaiken style knife Ive just started. I often forget the before pictures so I thought I'd just add a small document for posterity.

Just a couple of pictures and as you can see, its a little terribad atm. the blue marks on the top of the kissaki are to remind me where the niku needs to be adjusted to keep everything uniform. It will more than likely a plain wooden shirasaya style design when finished. We shall see.

A little bit more altered and looking a little better apart from that damn tsuka. the channels are ok, but as you can see ive used paralell blanks to keep the ha side of the nakago against actual wood and tried to avoid potential break points.

And a blast from the past next... a previous tanto. it was pretty after tsuka adjustments and I love that photo... hope you like.

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