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OK, so this is probably one of the shortest articles I've written but it needs to be said so I'll keep it short and sweet as I said.

Theres going to come a time when you need a burnishing tool and your first instinct is to open a browser and see if you can get one on Amazon or something.

Don't bother. Take a piece of steel, some scrap carbon steel from whatever will do, at least 2mm thick mine is just under 3mm. cut it to a nice rounded shape, bring it to a broad point and make sure thats sanded to a polished and rounded tip.

Heat til non magnetic, quench in hot water, repolish, add a handle and there you have it. quick and dirty burnishing tool. Perfect for polishing up the shinogi-ji on a katana for instance ;)

My super hi tech burnishing tool with premium electrically insulated handle. :)

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