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Sometimes tanto were mounted without the wrap, favouring a full clean wrap with rayskin. In these cases, it is necessary to directly attach the menuki using pins. Normally the menuki do not actually have these pins or even the little metal button you sometimes see and you have to attach your own.

This can be done by either soldering the pin to the underside of the menuki or a strong 2 part epoxy can be used. If welding or soldering the pin, you have to be extremely careful about the finish on the opposite side as the heat can either discolour, oxidise an existing finish or even peel off any paint or leaf coating. Its up to you to decide which method to use based on this.

A good epoxy is ridiculously strong anyway and it seems to be the standard choice for a lot of people. usually I prefer to solder the pins, but in this case I knew epoxy had to be used to preserve the menuki.

Because the work for this was ridiculously simple in its steps, I have simply included the before and after shots of the tanto, as well as some beauty shots as well. anything with the menuki clearly visible is designed to show brutally honestly exactly how they are attached, warts and all :)

Besides, you have to check out the sugata on this beautiful blade.. It is astounding.. and very pointy.
Hope you enjoy.



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