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Ok, so my stuff tends to be all related to the Japanese sword, its use and maintenance but every now and then something else comes along that I feel deserves a look see. I've recently replaced my EDC or Every Day Carry knife with something newer and far superior.

I chose the CRKT Heiho. Made by Columbia River Knife and Tool its a solid spring assisted lock knife designed by James Williams. This guy is ex forces and quite something else. Google for him if you're interested but the result of his design work ended up with a handful of blades of different lengths and styles being produced, the Heiho being one of them.

Best way to see what this knife is about is to check out my review. I live in the UK and knife laws are tight here so this cannot be the usual EDC that you get to enjoy if you live in countries with more relaxed laws but for around the house and the garden or private property you're fine.
For this reason I wont be going into the practicalities of carrying it as a self defence weapon. Not only can I not do this in the UK but I wouldn't want to and am not qualified to talk about that aspect of knife carry. sorry. This is a practical working knife review, nothing more ;)

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