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Yeh, well I didn't expect this to happen, but a) a friend of mine bought me a load more bottles to cut which helps no end so thank you, Simon. and b) I tried a few cuts and found that I'd managed to build the sort of control required to be able to pull off the last part of the curriculum.
This realisation was a fairly hefty deal for me and it has really helped my confidence with the cuts so hell with it I thought. I'm doing this!

My favourite cut so far was also the one most people have problems with and the one I found the easiest.

Now I've done all the cuts required however I'm going to do new cuts in one session and put them into one big video at some point. For now you'll have to do with these two mini sessions :)

The first half of my attempts.. 

The second half once I'd realised I was able to actually succeed! 

So yeah.. I'm well happy. It's taken me over a year to confidently manage all of the curriculum but I've gotten there eventually. Time to clean up those cuts and do a rerun of this last bit.

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