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Ok, so its been a little while since I received my 'koto katana' and I'd like to say a few words on how its holding up.

So far, the fact that its 1045 is actually showing a lot more than I thought it would. After cutting a number of bottles, probably around the 50 mark it has definitely showed signs of dulling. I've carefully honed the edge back to what it should be and its working fine again but obviously for bottles, 1060 is probably a better grade steel to use if you're going to be using it for any extended cutting no matter how light the target.

This isn't the problem however. This is.

I got the blade only recently and I've only been properly cutting with it for the last few days. None of my other swords suffer in this way. I noticed a little give as you'd expect from a production sword, but this is silly. Not only that, its dangerous. The omote knot has actually come undone. :/ I dont believe there is any wadding in either knot to stop this from happening.

Basically put, this will have to be rewrapped completely. Another black mark for koto. I only hope that the recent acquisition of the company by a firm in the UK will improve their product. This unfortunately has been an expensive mistake. Having said that, after I've finished rewrapping it, It'll probably still get me through the bottle curriculum.

You live you learn eh?

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  1. I've not had the range of issues that you did with Koto and I suspect that's because I got one of their mid priced blades but I agree. I think it's time we moved on from them for our next blades.

    I'm going to import I think. Just where from! I think I'd like a trusted name to have at least one solid blade before I start experimenting with others again although Hanbon seem to be getting good reviews.

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