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To replace the unokubi that I loved so dearly I've eventually managed to be able to order another, the Omori katana with Bo-Hi from I would call it a replacement but I don't think any sword will replace the one that broke for speed and agility any time soon.

As far as I can tell, "Omori" refers to the motif they are using for the koshirae, some form of catfish-like animal and a little googling tells me thats probably the case but I could be wrong.

It's an unknown 'high carbon steel', so Im guessing its the low end of the spectrum at 1045. One company told me it was 1060, the other said they didnt know. The fact they havent specified it means that its likely 1045; but having said that, theres nothing wrong with 1045 for light cutting and as always it comes down more to the heat treatment of the steel and the quality control of the company rather than anything else. It's better for an unknown sword to be lower in carbon content and to bend than to be higher and snap... of course its best if it does neither ;)

Until it arrives I'll not know the quality of it for sure but I will be doing a review on it so people know what the lower end of 'Koto Katana' is like. I havent seen any other reviews yet apart from the ones of the more expensive swords in the line so maybe this will enlighten people.

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